Saturday, July 28, 2012

Horse Play

It's nice to see the folks at are now focused on serious subjects that reflect the concerns of the American people as we move toward the 2012 elections. Subjects like Ann Romney's horse. From an e-mail received today:

The Olympics are on now and the Romneys' dancing horse, Rafalca, is there to compete. The horse lives quite a cushy life on a 5,000-acre estate, with a chartered jet, and better healthcare than the average American family—including chiropractors and massages.

The irony jumps out at you: Romney pampers that precious horse, but he can't wait to repeal affordable healthcare for 30 million Americans.

I also understand that Ann Romney likes to use the bodies of the homeless to fertilize the fields where the special hay to feed Rafalca is grown.

So our creative team made a hilarious TV ad about Rafalca—the kind that gets huge amounts of additional media coverage because reporters keep talking about it. If we raise $250,000, we can try to run that ad during the Olympics, just when Rafalca is competing! And we have to make our move now if we want to get these key ad spots.

We've got to go big now, because Romney is actually ahead in the latest Gallup and CBS News polls. Most people haven't been paying much attention to the campaign. They will pay attention to the Olympics, though, so this is a perfect opportunity to define Romney as the candidate of the wealthiest 1%. Can you help us run this awesome ad during key moments of the Olympics, before we miss our chance?

Once the American people do start paying attention and learn about important matters like Ann Romney's horse, they're sure to come to their senses. If only can air some of these awesome ads.