Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Racism is Wrong

Chris Fields is running for Congress in Minnesota’s Fifth District against incumbent Democrat Keith Ellison. Since I live in the Fifth and am therefore “represented” by Congressmen Ellison I have more than a passing interest in seeing Fields mount a strong challenge and make the race as competitive as possible. While he most certainly has a long and difficult road ahead of him in the heavily Democratic district, early signs are encouraging that Fields is not going to shy away from going aggressively after Ellison.

Discussing race in politics is usually the exclusive provenance of Democrats. It’s nice to see that Fields isn’t willing to yield that field.

Keith Ellison’s Racial Politics:

I’m Chris Fields. As a black man raised by a poor single mother, I know what racism is all about. In all their forms, racism and racial politics are wrong. Period.
Sadly, Keith Ellison and his cronies in the Congressional Black Caucus practice reverse racism and racial politics all the time. As a candidate for Congress, I’m not afraid to confront the racial politics practiced by Ellison.

It’s time for all of us—regardless of skin color—to end the double standard and political correctness and have an open and honest discussion about real solutions to the challenges facing our minority community and working class families.

As your next Congressman, I will work hard for all the people of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, regardless of political party, ideology or skin color. It’s time to Come Together.

When fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Charlie Rangel was censured by Congress for an illegal tax and housing scam, Keith Ellison not only voted against the censure, but even gave Rangel a sizeable campaign contribution!

When Democrats and Republicans voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for hindering the investigation of the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Keith Ellison and the Congressional Black Caucus walked out and refused to vote.

With the family of Brian Terry, the white Border Patrol Agent murdered on the U.S./Mexico border, still waiting...a year later...for answers to questions surrounding the death of their loved one—and the U.S. Government’s involvement—Keith Ellison and the Congressional Black Caucus sit in silence, having no interest in truth, justice or accountability.

You can see a full PDF version of a new campaign lit piece detailing Ellison’s racial politics that will soon be showing up on doorsteps across the Fifth District. The odds are heavily stacked against Fields and beating Ellison will be a tall order. But you’ve got to admire his willingness to talk tough on issues that Ellison would normally skate by on. Maybe this time he won’t be able to mail it in quite so easily.