Thursday, August 16, 2012

Signs of Trouble for Traditional Marriage

On my walk over to church last night to attend Mass for The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I was able to see lawn signs advocating both positions on the proposed Minnesota Marriage Amendment which we will vote on in November.

First was a sign put out by a group opposed to the amendment.

While the language about “don’t limit the freedom to marry” is Ritchie worthy when it comes to weaseliness, you can’t deny the fact that the design of the sign is sharp. The words “Vote No” in blue against the orange background are very clear and easy to read and understand. You instantly know what the message is and the look is a memorable one that you instantly recognize when you see it again.

I also saw a lawn sign from a group that supports traditional (or natural) marriage.

What the...?!?! First off, the design is terrible. The white background and light blue colored font don’t capture your eye. And the image? Is that supposed to a man and his wife or kids smooching at the prom? Then there’s the message itself. Holy Matrimony might indeed be what you see yourself defending, but you’re trying to win a campaign here. Younger people are already more inclined to support gay marriage. Do you really think the words “Holy Matrimony” are going to have any appeal to them? Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to read signs from the top down. So here I get “Holy Matrimony Vote For.” Did Yoda pen that line? Would it have been so hard to just say “Vote Yes” at the top and “Support Traditional Marriage” (or something to that effect) underneath?

Sigh. With the cultural headwinds blowing against us, fighting the good fight to maintain marriage is already an uphill battle. We don’t need to be a further disadvantage because we can’t put a decent lawn sign together.