Friday, August 10, 2012

Republicans To Be Named Later

A "exclusive" piece appeared this morning at Politico called Obama to include Republicans in hard-hitting convention.

Wow I thought, that is news. They must be looking to try to pull off a Zell Miller and have a Republican tell the country why Romney is wrong and they should vote for Obama. When done properly, such a move can have a powerful impact and perhaps even swing some votes here and there. So who are the these Republicans that might be included?

Let’s check out the article and find out. Nothing in paragraph one. Nor in paragraph two. Okay, now through paragraph five and no names have been names. Let’s keep going. Through twelve paragraphs and the first page of the article and yet to find a name. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...Ah ha! At last in paragraph sixteen we find out who these Republicans for Obama might be:

Convention planners are considering featuring a centrist Republican leader on at least two of the three nights. Nightly remotes from swing states may include a CEO or “major Republican.” On Wednesday night, a “notable GOP woman” is among the possible participants. And on the final night, Democrats may include a Republican leader — someone like former Sens. John Warner or Chuck Hagel — or a GOP woman.

For those of you who may not instantly recognize the names of such prominent Republicans, here’s some background.

John Warner was a Senator from Virginia who retired in 2009. Among his accomplishments while in office were:

He was among the minority of Republicans to support gun control laws. He voted for the Brady Bill and, in 1999, was one of only five Republicans to vote to close the so-called gun show loophole. In 2004 Warner was one of three Republicans to sponsor an amendment by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) that sought to provide for a 10-year extension of the Assault Weapons Ban.

In 1987, Warner was one of the Republicans who crossed party line to reject the nomination of Robert Bork by President Ronald Reagan.

Warner was among ten GOP Senators who voted against the charge of perjury during Clinton's impeachment

On May 23, 2005, Warner was one of 14 centrist senators (Gang of 14) to forge a compromise on the Democrats' proposed use of the judicial filibuster, thus blocking the Republican leadership's attempt to implement the so-called nuclear option.

Warner was a cosponsor of America's Climate Security Act of 2007, also more commonly referred to as the Cap and Trade Bill, that proposed to ration (cap) carbon emissions in the U.S., and tax or purchase (trade) Carbon credits on the global market for greater U.S. alignment with the Kyoto protocol standards and goals.

In September 2008, Warner joined the Gang of 20, a bipartisan coalition seeking comprehensive energy reform. The group is pushing for a bill that would encourage state-by-state decisions on offshore drilling and authorize billions of dollars for conservation and alternative energy.

I imagine the impact of a rock-ribbed conservative like Warner appearing on President Obama’s behalf at the DNC would be devastating to the Romney campaign.

Chuck Hagel’s name is probably more well known as his criticism of the Iraq war and the Bush Administration made him a media darling. He actually considered running for president in 2008 as a Republican. His candidacy would have been less viable than Jon Huntsman’s was in 2012. After deciding that he wasn’t going to throw his hat in the White House ring, he did say that he was open to accepting the VP slot. On the Democratic ticket.

If retreads like Warner and Hagel are the best examples of Obama supporting “Republicans” that the Democrats can drag onto the stage in Charlotte, the effort is going to be of more of a farce than a factor in winning over moderate voters.