Saturday, September 15, 2012

HWX, with Andrew McCarthy

The latest Hinderaker-Ward Experience podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure.  John Hinderaker of Powerline and me, Brian Ward, of Fraters Libertas breaking down the week's news.   The disquieting events in the Middle East dominant our discussion, and we address John's theory that the official story of what happened in Libya is a cover up, his advice on how Mitt Romney should be framing the issue, and the really bad production values of "Innocence of Muslims," the movie that allegedly was the cause of all the hubbub.

Later, we're joined by the great Andrew McCarty of National Review.  We talk about his new book Spring Fever: The Illusion of Arab Democracy, and how its themes relate to the current crisis in the Islamic world. Andy is one of the world’s leading experts on Islamic radicalism, and the conversation is highly revealing.

We wrap things up with This Week in Gate Keeping and the Associated Press publishing the scoop on the real entirely fake story of the man behind the movie the "Innocence of Muslims".   Then the Loon of the Week, featuring a distinguished US Congressperson who apparently missed the day in school where they taught about basic US history.

Many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mothership at Ricochet.   You can be sure to never miss an episode, by subscribing via iTunes or Feedburner.  Or just use the player embedded below or in the upper right hand corner of this web site.  If all of these fail, send me an email and I'll come to your house and read from the written transcript.  Enjoy!