Saturday, September 29, 2012

HWX, with Steven Hayward

It’s a Saturday special edition of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience podcast.   John Hinderaker of Power Line and me Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas, joined by special guest, also from Power Line, the great Steven Hayward. 
It’s a lively discussion on the state of the Presidential race, including the characteristic optimism of John Hinderaker.  He doesn’t buy into the doom and gloom so many Republicans are feeling with regard to Mitt Romney’s chances in November, and he tells us to grab our pom-poms and not to believe the hype. 
We also get into the issues surrounding recent political polls and alleged bias with regard to over-representation of Democrats, and we preview the Presidential debate coming up on Wednesday.   Finally we wrap things up with Steve by putting our professional prognostication reputations on the line and predict what will actually happen on November 6.
Then it’s "Loon of the Week", courtesy of the fine folks at the Media Research Center.   They recently held their 25th Annual Dishonors Awards, and the "Obamagasm" of the Year is also LOTW.  And "This Week in Gatekeeping" with an international flavor, the editors and fact checkers in Iran  proving to be every bit as effective as their American counterparts.

Many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mothership at Ricochet.   You can be sure to never miss an episode, by subscribing via iTunes or Feedburner.  Or just use the player embedded below or in the upper right hand corner of this web site.  If all of these fail, send me an email and I'll come to your house and read from the written transcript.  Enjoy!