Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Whole World is Laughing

So far, I’ve watched very little of the DNC. Very, very little. I probably will tune in to see Bill Clinton’s speech tonight. When it comes to political rhetoric, President Obama is a piker compared with Clinton. He knows how to connect with an audience and it will be fascinating to see him back in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, I’ll just have to content myself with watching this clip over and over again:

And again. Yes, playing fast and loose with the rules is nothing new at political conventions. And yes, the RNC had some not so democratic shenigans on the floor last week in Tampa. But nothing that could compare to this. It’s perfectly illustrative and deeply illuminating in what it says about the true state of the core of the Democratic Party today and as such is deeply injurious to their efforts to portray themselves as being mainstream and Republicans as extremist. It’s really almost too good to be true and I can’t imagine that anything that happens tonight or tomorrow can begin to approach how awesome this is.

One more time.