Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chick Lit Drop

You know how you know that the recent Romney rebound is real? When the folks at start to panic and fall back into fear-mongering about the Republican’s-lead by Romney-alleged "war on women." From an e-mail I just received:

Danger! Mitt Romney now leads President Obama 49% to 45% in the respected Pew Research poll.

And listen to this: Women are the key to this dramatic change, as Obama's election-winning, 18-point lead among women voters was completely wiped out. Absolutely gone.

It's no wonder, given the stunning media silence lately on the dangers Romney represents for women's rights and health. But we've got a great way to change all that and help get Obama's lead back with women voters.

Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, and Kerry Washington have teamed up with director Rob Reiner to make an absolutely knock-your-socks-off TV ad reminding American women of the terrible consequences of a Romney presidency.

It has the star power to cut through the noise and grab the media's attention, but we need to raise $400,000 to run it during TV shows with lots of women viewers in key swing states like Florida and Ohio. Can you chip in?

It strikes me as odd that the side that seeks to portray itself as noble defenders of the female of the species in the “war on women,” would think that all it would take to persuade women voters to come back to President Obama is a television scare ad featuring a trio of Hollywood celebrities. Patronizing? Check. Condescending? Absolutely. It almost makes you wonder who is really on the side of women in this “war” after all.