Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Minnesota Twins 2012 Wall Calendar Does Not Hold Up Well

A co-worker of mine has a 2012 Minnesota Twins wall calendar hanging in his office and I couldn’t help but notice that it hasn’t held up well: 

January: Francisco Liriano – now with the Chicago White Sox
February: Tsuyoshi Nishioka – now with the Hanshin tigers
March: Denard Span
April: Ron Gardenhire
May: Nick Blackburn – sent down to AAA mid-season
June: Jim Thome – has played for Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Baltimore since leaving the Twins
July: Carl Pavano – shoulder injury
August: Justin Morneau
September: Joe Nathan – closer for Texas Rangers
October: Danny Valencia – sent down to AAA mid-season
November: Delmon Young – Detroit Tigers’ all-time post-season home run leader
December: Joe Mauer

A mere one-third of the calendar wasn’t traded, demoted to the minors, injured, or left before the season as a free agent.  And that one-third includes the manager.

Here is my proposed 2013 calendar:

January: Johan Santana
February: Tsuyoshi Nishioka
March: Jason Kubel
April: Billy Smith
May: Kyle Lohse
June: R.A. Dickey
July: David Ortiz
August: J. J. Hardy
September: Nick Bjugstad
October: Kevin Garnett
November: Lindsay Whelan
December: Brett Favre