Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clear and Free

The latest course offering from Prager University is called "Free Market Morality":

Whenever the Left argues for more government control, they cloak their goals in moral terms such as "fairness" and "looking out for the little guy." You've heard it all before: Free markets are bad. Greedy entrepreneurs take what they want, leaving a smaller piece of the pie for everyone else. Government is the true creator of wealth -- just look at how it saved General Motors and Chrysler.

Are you tired of hearing these myths, but tongue-tied when it comes to rebutting them?

In our latest video, "Free Market Morality," economist Walter Williams explodes these myths eloquently and concisely. His case for the free market is as clear and convincing as any you'll see, in just five minutes. He explains why economic freedom is the most moral system around, why putting other people's needs ahead of your own is the basis of trade, and why government-controlled economies just don't work.

Need intellectual ammunition on why the GM and Chrysler bailouts were a bad idea? Dr. Williams tackles that, too. He explains how both car companies violated one of the fundamental rules of the free market (giving customers what they want), and why bankruptcy would have been the best option.