Tuesday, November 06, 2012

HWX, Apollcalypse Now

It’s a special electionedition of the Hinderaker Ward Experience.  According to the latest data from Nate Silver, there’s a 91% chance you’re going to love it. 
John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas got together last night for one final look at the Presidential race before judgment day. We were also joined by the great Paul Mirengoff of Power Line.  
math explosion
We talk about -- what else -- the latest polls!  It’s the ultimate showdown, with Nate Silver and his spreadsheet on one side, and most of the conservative commentariat on the other. According to no less an authority than Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, you’re stupid if you think this election is close. And John Hinderaker and Paul Mirengoff think …. the election is close.  Only one reputation will survive tomorrow’s result and we set the stakes in today’s show, ending with some fearless predictions of what will actually occur tomorrow.
Later, a very special Loon of the Week, where we breach all protocol to present it to the current leader of the free world (no, not Sammy Hagar).
And stay tuned for our awards presentation to past winner of the HWX Secret Word contest, Keith Keystone. He’s a Ricochet member, he’s a listener to HWX, and for his good deeds, he got five minutes on air with the boys. Want to be that member who gets to be on the air with John and Brian for the next episode of HWX?  Be the first one in the comments section to name this week’s secret phrase, and you are in.

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