Saturday, November 17, 2012

HWX LIVE with Michael Barone and John Thune

We're going LIVE with the HWX podcast at 11am central (approximately).  Click the magic button below to hear it as it happens.   Sen. John Thune, Michael Barone, John Hinderaker, and Brian Ward, together for the first time, four of the finest young rising minds in the conservative movement.

Update, can't get the widget to work.  Go to to hear it LIVE.

And Ricochet members, link to the chat room is here.  Questions, comments, concerns, criticism, commentary about what you're hearing?  That's the place to do it and have it reacted to in real time.

Please note, the technical capabilities of the LIVE podcast is still a work in progress.   It's all going to work, you'll be able to hear it.  But let's just say you might also get a chance to hear some hiccups and a little of the sausage getting made behind the scenes.   (You may not have realized it, but John Hinderaker prepares a batch of his famous homemade pork jalapeno sizzlers during the taping of each and every show).  We hope you enjoy!