Thursday, December 20, 2012

If You Got 'Em

Robert from Michigan e-mails to share a tale:

The figure of Santa and Chesterfields on your site took me back 50 plus years when I would ask for a "deck of Chesties" at the local store.

But, it also made me recall a story told by my brother who is a priest in Mexico, but studied at a seminary in Toronto.

The Superior at their seminary was a real hardass Frenchie who caught one of the seminarians smoking in his room. He told the offender to report to his office at 8PM.

When he got there, the room was lit by a single candle sitting on a desk, barren except for a Bible and a pack of Chesterfields. The Superior said, "Before you Mr. Reilly is the choice you must make." His reply, "I'll take the cigarettes, Father, I already have a Bible."