Friday, February 22, 2013

Pole Position

Robert from Michigan e-mails with a follow up to the Pure Michigan Fat Tuesday video which poked fun at that state's Polish community:

Have we really reached the point where we can't all enjoy some good natured laughs by making fun of Pollacks? Archie Bunker must be rolling over in his grave.

Meanwhile, Bert e-mails with a local angle on fattening ethnic food:

OK, it's not quite an equivalent, but you do have "Kolacky Days" late each July in Montgomery, about 45 minutes south on 13 from the Cities. And I bet some of the people down along the "Czech highway" know how to make Paczki, because the treat is a basic jelly donut that was popular throughout the Austro-Hungarian empire. Faschingskrapfen in German, and they're traditionally fried in lard. One of the bakeries in Vienna has done a major innovation by frying them in butter.

Should I post a recipe, or would that be too cruel during Lent?

Too cruel and a bit too unusual as well.