Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Imagination When It Comes to Sequestration

It appears that apathy and indifference towards the devastating impact of sequestration is even prevalent among government workers who will bear the brunt of its catastrophic consequences. Demonstration Against Sequestration Has Reasons, but Few Rhymes:

On Wednesday, members of the American Federation of Government Employees will rally in downtown Chicago, scene of some of history's most storied labor protests. Their aim is to stop sequestration, the $85 billion in across-the-board cuts to the federal budget that took effect March 1.

For many workers, this turns out not to be the most rousing cause. The cuts roll out slowly, in early April for some agencies and programs but not until May for others. Most agencies aim to trim around the edges to avoid layoffs. Workers in some departments aren't in line for furloughs at all, and for others it might be just a few days.

"I'll be honest. People are saying 'you're giving me a day without pay? I'll take July 5,' " says Brent Barron, president of AFGE Local 648.

When you can’t get unionized government workers to bother to show up for a rally, you know you’re fighting a losing cause.