Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How They Rate

The annual update of the Fraters Libertas Beer Ratings list has been completed. There are now 802 beers included from around the world. That geographic reach now spans thirty-two countries and forty-one of these United States.

Here’s a map of the countries covered:

That’s only about 14% of all the countries in the world, but in terms of area it’s obviously much larger.

And here’s the coverage by state:

The gap with the six states in the mid-South stands out and it’s probably going to take some work to close. Connecticut, Nevada, and North Dakota should prove easier to target and find beers to rate. Here’s a list of possibly options for each of the states that are currently missing from the rating roster.

Arkansas-Diamond Bear Brewing

Connecticut-Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

Kentucky-West Sixth Brewing

Nevada-Big Dog's Brewing Company

North Dakota-Fargo Brewing

Oklahoma-Choc Brewing

Tennessee-Yazoo Brewing Company

Virginia-Legend Brewing

West Virginia-Bridge Brew Works

One of the ongoing debates among craft beers aficionados is over which states brews the best beer. Here’s a list of the states by ratings average (minimum twenty beers rated):

Pretty clear advantage to California especially when you consider the number of beers.

The overall average rating for the 802 beers is 13.06 and you see from this chart that the distribution is not a perfectly normal one.

The updated ratings also include links to the one-hundred-seventy-eight reviews of Beers of Week made possible by the fine folks at Glen Lake Wine & Spirits.

802 beers down, only 182 more to go to crack one thousand. Stay thirsty my friends.