Thursday, May 09, 2013

No Whining in Hockeytown

Robert from Michigan responds to yesterday's post on the whining Wings fan:

Citing Bill Simonson as being representative of our hockey values is similar to associating David Stockman with conservative beliefs. Simply put, Bill is best described as "a silver-throated sphincter with fartcracker teeth". What a dumbass!

Almost all the local writers and commentators supported and agreed with the discipline handed down by the NHL. Fans, too. As far as Detroit not getting respect on a national level, let me get my cell phone so Simonson can call someone who gives a crap. Suck it up, shut your mouth, and get down to business. That's how things are normally done around here. If you want cheering in the press box, go to Chicago.

Boy, it's great to be back in the hockey culture after spending a month in the Arizona heat.

True that. But like playoff starved Wild fans, Robert and other Red Wings bossters should probably enjoy it while lasts. After last night's OT win by Anaheim, Detroit is down three games to two and facing elimination at home in game six. At least they'll likely have lasted longer than our local squad. I don't see much hope for the Wild tonight in Chicago no matter who's tending the pipes.