Monday, July 01, 2013

Beer of the Week (Vol. CLXXX)

Another holiday themed edition of Beer of the Week sponsored as always by the patriotic folks at Glen Lake Wine & Spirits who can help find the wine, whiskey, and beer you need to bring cheer to celebrate Independence Day with a bang.

And what better way to celebrate Independence Day-or more accurately Independence Week-than a local beer brewed right here in the good ol’ US of A? Our featured beer is the first that we’ve reviewed from Indeed Brewing Company, which started up in Minneapolis in 2011.

Why “Indeed?” We just can’t believe we’re the only ones tired of the whiny, doom-and-gloom sentiment around us. We want to tout the positive side of things, and embrace mindfulness and adventure—a feeling we’ve found plenty of here in Minnesota. Even Indeed’s logo has a hint of a smile—a sense of happiness and fun that illustrates precisely what we want to share with our customers. It’s that subtle smile we feel Minnesotans enjoy sharing with one another, especially deep in winter. We’re a hearty breed, we Nordics, and it’s nice to have something to smile about together.

But even if you aren’t prone to shoveling knee-deep snow each winter, then gracefully wiping away a bead of sweat come July’s sweltering temps, we want you to taste our beer and realize what we’ve already come to know: Whether standing, sitting, floating or flying, having a tasty, high-quality craft beer in hand means not only that your taste buds are happy, but that you’re on your way to having a fun and meaningful discussion with other—sometimes about the beer, but more often about everything else in life. The people of Indeed love fun. Come on, let’s have fun together.

You may recall that the piece of parchment which launched our whole movement for independence included something “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” So Indeed seems like a most appropriate beer choice to celebrate Independence Day. A beer like their Day Tripper Pale Ale.

Six-pack of 12oz cans goes for $8.99. Design has a wacky fin de si├Ęcle England look to it with a couple of off kilter characters navigating a fabulous flying machine.

STYLE: Pale Ale


COLOR (0-2): Golden brown and mostly clear. 2

AROMA (0-2): Crisp citrusy hops. 2

HEAD (0-2): White color, moderate volume, decent lacing. 2

TASTE (0-5): Much like the smell with hops providing grapefruit and bitter flavors and a lighter sweet malt presence. Clean and crisp finish. Oily mouthfeel and medium body. Pretty drinkable. 3

AFTERTASTE (0-2): Pleasing bitterness sticks around. 2

OVERALL (0-6): Day Tripper Pale Ale is a very solid beer. It checks all the boxes for a pale ale. I could see being a good flagship beer to lead the Indeed fleet. 4

TOTAL SCORE (0-19): 15