Friday, August 09, 2013

Back Yard Jihad

Al-Shabaab recruitment video features men who traveled from Mpls to Somalia for jihad:

Al-Shabaab's latest recruitment video features the stories of three men who traveled from Minneapolis to Somalia for jihad.

All three men left for Somalia in 2007 or 2008 and were dead within two years.

In the video, Troy Kastigar, a Native American who converted to Islam in 2004, tells viewers, "This is the real Disney Land."

"You need to come over here, join us, and take pleasure in this fun," Kastigar adds.

Al-Shabaab is a Somali-based al-Qaeda cell.

The video has since been removed from YouTube, but two journalists with expertise on Somalia watched it and tweeted out details, including stills of the men.

There is absolutely no danger that videos of this sort might induce local Somalis to take up jihad here rather than traveling all the back to the homeland, right? Good, I feel much better now.