Sunday, August 04, 2013

Counterproductivity Is Alive And Well

The San Francisco 49ers will be unveiling a new app along with their new stadium next year.  The app will let fans know which concession and toilet room lines are the shortest:

When the San Francisco 49ers unveil Levi's Stadium, in Santa Clara, Calif., for the 2014 season, their new home will come with all sorts of built-in tech extras. For instance, a high-speed mobile infrastructure will allow fans to watch highlights and surf the web without their connections being jammed by tens of thousands of other fans trying to do the same. 

The new stadium's most impressive innovation, however, will tackle another problem entirely. Yes, as recently reported by Yahoo Sports' Rand Getlin, a stadium-specific app will allow fans to track the shortest beer and bathroom lines in real-time to most efficiently plan excursions away from their seats.
While I admire the effort, I see one huge problem.  If everybody in the stadium is being directed to the shortest lines, wouldn't they then quickly become the LONGEST lines?