Thursday, September 05, 2013

Urban Beautification

Joe Doakes e-mails from Como Park:

I work in St. Paul but had to go downtown Minneapolis for a noon meeting. Noticed a big difference.

Downtown Minneapolis is where the hot chicks work.

Downtown Saint Paul is where their fat sisters and maiden aunts work.

It’s amazing, really. Like comparing the shoppers at Galleria and Wal-Mart.

If the Mayor wants to make downtown St. Paul more attractive to businesses, maybe he should see what he can do about the scenery.

Since I work in a posh southwestern suburb in a workplace that’s roughly 90% male, I’m in no position to comment on office scenery. However, I am not surprised to hear that Minneapolis enjoys an advantage over it sibling city when it comes to such matters. The twins are far from identical.

(The Galleria and Wal-Mart compariosn is a particularly harsh one. Ouch.)