Thursday, October 10, 2013

Too Cute

While there are reasons for concern, I’ve always been somewhat skeptical about the dangers posed by the “rise” of China. They’re already on the wrong side of the demographic curve and while China has demonstrated great propensity for making things, the track record on creating things is far less impressive.

Further proof that potential threat from the dragon may be more smoke than fire comes from a front page piece in today’s WSJ.

In China, Couples Wear Matching Outfits:

Wu Zhuan and Zong Yinghong don't wear wedding rings, nor do they hold hands or kiss in public. Instead, it is their matching turquoise shirts decorated with yellow and black hearts that signal that they are man and wife.

The newlyweds plan weekend outings—wearing matching gray hoodies, striped sweatshirts or a set of purple pig shirts—to window shop and gin up glances in places like Wangfujing, Beijing's version of Times Square.

"We want everyone to envy us," said Mr. Wu, a 32-year-old forestry and conservation consultant, sitting next to his identically dressed spouse.

Yeah. We’re all insanely jealous of that thing you guys have going on there.

You can worry about the looming China threat all you want. I’m not going to get too worked up about the dangers from a country where couples are coordinating their clothes.