Friday, October 18, 2013

Twilight of the Idols

Michele Bachmann hasn’t had an easy year.  Her Presidential dreams were soundly and immediately trounced with a last place finish in her home state of Iowa.  She squeaked by with a 1% victory in the most secure of Republican safe seats in Minnesota.  She’s under investigation for campaign finance irregularities.  The constant harassment and calumny by her Democrat and media critics continued apace.  She announced she would not run again for office in 2014.  It’s stress like this that creates those graying and haggard pictures of Presidents after they’ve served a term or two.

How’s all this affecting my former Representative, the 57-year-old Ms. Bachmann?  Here she is from last week at the Value Voters Summit:

That which does not kill her, makes her hotter.

She has tapped into a power that turns stark adversity and suffering into aesthetic refinement.  We can only pray she uses this power for good and not evil. Given her continued association with the traditional American values of fiscal responsibility and limited government - so far, so good.

Not sure we’ll see the likes of Michele Bachmann again gracing the halls of Congress.  In honor of her 8 years of public service, a brief retrospective on the ascent of Bachmann.

Bachmann 2006:

Bachmann 2007:

Bachmann 2008:

Bachmann 2009:

Bachmann 2010:

Bachmann 2011:

Bachmann 2012: