Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HWX: The Lost Episode

It was nearly two weeks ago today that the Ricochet Minneapolis Meet Up occurred, and the podcast recorded LIVE on site is now ready for public review.   At least parts of it are.  

The boys in the Ricochet lab have been working overtime to salvage as much of the audio as possible, and that turns out to be about a third of what we attempted.  Several of the guest interviews and much of John Hinderaker’s opening remarks are gone.  The official story cites microphone problems and technical incompetence of the on-site sound engineer (John Hinderaker).  But lots of rumors have already emerged on the Internet about the suspicious nature of these Nixonian-like gaps in the tape and what might really have been said.  Maybe it was early details on what Ricochet 2.0 is really going to be like.  Maybe it was John’s prediction on who was going to win in the special election in Florida's 13th district.  Maybe it was Brian promising to buy each and every Ricochet member a free drink every time he sees one of them for the next 25 years.  Tragically, it’s all lost to history now.

But what was saved is good stuff, if you can get beyond the shouting and over modulation:

*  James Lileks on podcasting vs. radio, Anthony Weiner’s anatomy, and Mark Levin’s radio stylings

*  This Week in Gate Keeping, with the New York Times sticking it to Solomon Northup repeatedly over a century and a half

*  Guest appearances by the Crazy Uke and the Nihilist in Golf Pants

And even these remnants are TOO HOT for most of the Internet, they will not appear on Ricochet or iTunes.  Instead they have been leaked exclusively to more counter-cultural, subversive websites, and those with lower professional standards for audio quality.  

Here's the link:  HWX LOST EPISODE

Hope you enjoy.