Monday, March 03, 2014

Oliver Stone's Commie Art

People (especially super rich people) like Oliver Stone have a lot of options when it comes to tastefully decorating their dwellings.  Mid-century modern has been big for a while and continues to grace the pages of Architectural Digest and the WSJ on a regular basis.

But what of Commie Chic?  Is there such a thing in design?  What would we get crossing Keith Haring and I dunno Chairman Mao?

This shot is from Friday's WSJ showing the New York apartment Oliver Stone is selling.

Check out the enormous painting dwarfing the living space--a couple of very determined, hardened, righteous, proud Commie Gals!  Are they Chinese?  North Korean?  North Vietnamese?  What was it that so moved Oliver that he needed to be greeted by them every morning and have them watch him as he conducted his daily affairs?

Help us understand why this art was so moving Oliver.

UPDATE--A guy who knows a communist when he sees one--you know, considering he literally used TO BE ONE HIMSELF, David Horowitz says this of Stone based on his Showtime mini series:

 On the evidence of his new Showtime mini-series and companion book, Oliver Stone is both a communist and political moron, a redundancy to be sure. 

We should start a You Might Be a Communist meme here on Fraters.

If you proudly hang 12 foot art of communist women in your apartment, you might be a communist

If you produce a mini series heralding Lenin as a visionary leader, you might be a communist