Thursday, April 17, 2014

That's Entertainment

From the Star Tribune’s review of the Jungle Theater’s presentation of “Detroit”:
Howdy neighbor, welcome to hell — the smoldering ash heap of an American economy that once fed dreams, nourished families and created the greatest civilization on Earth. That America was a real place, with pretty neighborhoods and trees in the yard and friends who trusted one another. In Lisa D’Amour’s incendiary and brilliant play “Detroit,” fierce gods of fate rain down destruction on that remembered Eden.

Joel Sass’ staging of “Detroit” at the Jungle Theater pushes D’Amour’s script to the frayed edges of mythology.  His production team has created a fearless and swirling incantation that does what great theater should do: Grab you, scare you, haunt you and demand that you pay attention.

It’s true.  At least that’s the reason I’m going to see Stillwater Junior High School’s presentation of "Annie" this weekend.