Saturday, April 12, 2014

We Ignored The News Today, Oh Boy

CNN has officially become a joke.  Granted, I rarely intentionally watch the network that is, at best, a shameless cheerleader for the Obama administration.  I do, however, have their broadcast foisted upon me while working out at my local health club every other day or so (yes, people, I am becoming more health conscious in my old age).

For the last five weeks, the talking heads on this "news" network have breathlessly covered every single aspect of the Malaysian airplane that crashed into the Indian Ocean despite the fact that very few facts have been revealed.  They've spoken to every available expert. They've covered every single conspiracy theory.  They've replayed the timeline ad infinitum with sparkly graphics and ridiculous telestrator gymnastics. They've covered the history of the "black box" in a segment I've seen replayed at least three times. They've used the term "Breaking News" so many times that the meaning of the term has been forever bastardized.

Here is just a short list of current news stories that CNN is ignoring so they can provide the American people with hard hitting speculation and meaningless expert testimony:

Armed men seize police stations in eastern Ukraine

Kathleen Sebelius' resignation as HHS Secretary

TSA officials under investigation for illegal weapons distribution scheme

7.6 mag quake strike Soloman Islands

Standoff at Nevada ranch drags on

Syria rebels, government report poison gas attack

NCAA Frozen Four: Minnesota, Union title game shaping up as one for the ages

Now, I don't know if the American people are really that wrapped up in "The Mystery of Flight 370". Personal experience tells me that they are not. My suspicion is that CNN is unable to come up with any stories that bolster support for the increasingly unpopular Obama administration so they choose to fill airtime with mindless drivel about an unfortunate incident which we may never be able to explain.

Say what you want about Fox News, but at least they attempt to hold true to the definition of the word "news".

Oh, yeah...and Go Gophers!!!