Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HWX, The Bold and the Beautiful

It's a special midweek edition of the Hinderaker Ward Experience (HWX), with John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas reconvening to break down the critical issues of our time.  Topics addressed include:

*  Tips to beat the heat, as Minnesota swelters through its first upper 70 degree day of the year

*  Memorial Day and the balance point between honoring service and over-sentimentalization

*  The Veterans Administration scandal, and the associated scandal of people being surprised at the failures of socialism to efficiently deliver a service

*  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, beneficiaries of a post-performance culture
*  The story of Meriam Ibrahim, on death row in Sudan for the crime of apostasy

*  Loon of the Week, Nancy Pelosi on a beautiful loser

*  This Week in Gatekeeping, a circulation count circus in Schenectady

There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet.   You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  If all of these fail, send me an email and I'll come to your house and read from a written transcript.  Hope you enjoy.