Sunday, June 15, 2014

Free Book and Mudflap Girl

Our friend Mark Yost has a new book out this weekend.  In fact, it's the first of a new noir crime series featuring New York private investigator Rick Crain.   It's called Cooper's Daughter, and as a one day special promotion, the Kindle edition is absolutely FREE today (Sunday, June 15).  You can download here, at Amazon.

This books is a product of Stay Thirsty publishing, and as such is more of a novella than a novel, structured to be shorter in length, and as Mark says:  the perfect read for a two-hour plane ride, or for people who don't have enough free time to read another 10-page description of the fuse on an air-to-ground missile.

I haven't read it yet, but I've enjoyed Mark's past works, both his fiction (with the Nick Mattera series, Soft Target and the Cartel) and his journalism at the Wall Street Journal and Houston Business Journal.   The combination of Yost's prose and the image of mudflap girl in pink neon on the cover makes me think Cooper's Daughter is destined to be a classic.

We'll have him on the HWX podcast soon to discuss.   So you can adequately prepare for the discussion, don't forget to download it for FREE today on Amazon.