Saturday, July 12, 2014

HWX: Love Is the Law (with Mark Yost)

It’s a special, Saturday edition of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, with John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas reconvening from their summer hiatus to deliberate on the critical issues of our time.  Topics addressed include:

*  Invasion of Minnesota by a polar vortex and the MLB All Star Game 

*  Invasion of the southern border by the DREAMers

*  Elected officials abandonment of the rule of law and the efficacy of the available remedies
*  Loon of the Week:  Nancy Pelosi LIVE on the southern border

*  This Week in Gatekeeping: LA Times and the cold, hard facts on one man’s porn consumption and endowment size

They were also joined by the Houston Business Journal’s Mark Yost, discussing his new novel Cooper’s Daughter.  Mark also provided the Texas POV on the current crises at the southern border, the influence of mass immigration on the political future of the state, and on the future of book publishing (ecommerce vs. the traditional model).

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