Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wrath of Kahn 2: The Return of Miss Demeanor

Disturbing news out of the West Bank of Minneapolis. From the cradle of Minnesota conservative punditry (as the former home precinct of legends such as Sarah Janacek, James Lileks and me), a fall from grace with shocking allegations of voter fraud and intimidation in the race for Minnesota House of Representatives, District 60B.

First, 42-year incumbent Phyllis Kahn accuses her upstart DFL opponent Mohamud Noor of benefiting from a biased election judge in the run-up to the primary election:

The filing alleges that election judge Fadumo Yusuf asked voters at City Hall whether they were voting for “our Somali brother” or “the old Jewish lady,” apparent references to Noor and Kahn. Election judges must be neutral under state law.

The only election law this appears to violate is the official oath taken by election judges, as detailed in Minnesota statute 204B.24:

Each election judge shall sign the following oath before assuming the duties of the office:
"I .......... solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will perform the duties of election judge according to law and the best of my ability and will diligently endeavor to prevent fraud, deceit and abuse in conducting this election. I will perform my duties in a fair and impartial manner and not attempt to create an advantage for my party or for any candidate."

It is arguable that Yusuf’s statements were a technical violation of this oath.  However, if truth is an absolute defense in a defamation case, it should be in an election judge oath case as well.  Kahn is an old Jewish lady. These are the facts and they are not in dispute.  In fact, if Yusuf were to say she is an old Jewish lady who could pass as a bad Harry Carey impersonator, that might pass legal muster as well.

As to the legitimacy of the fraternal order of all Somalis, who are we (me and Phyllis, two old Jewish ladies) to judge their concept of familial ties?

More disturbing are the allegations by Noor’s supporters of intimidation tactics by Kahn supporters:

The complaint follows accusations of two Kahn supporters attacking a political opponent on Saturday at the Riverside Plaza apartments. Minneapolis police cited Halima Elmi and Deqa Adan for fifth-degree assault of Marian Hersi, who is campaigning for Noor.  Adan’s older brother is the ward’s council member, Abdi Warsame, who also supports Kahn.

We’ll let the police sort out this sordid mess.  But West Bank resident Mohamed Jama seems to perfectly capture the tone of this Democrat House primary race:

“I have never seen this kind of politics — dirty politics,” [Mohamed Jama] said of the race in general. “What does that say about the city’s process? … It’s the voter’s choice.”

If past precedent means anything, you ain’t seen nothing yet Mohamed.

Phyllis Kahn merits more than just suspicion for engaging in election related hijinx , she’s already been convicted of it. From 2004, when Phyllis Kahn was a fresh faced whippersnapper, with only three decades in office:

State Rep. Phyllis Kahn, a 32-year veteran from Minneapolis and a key figure in the DFL House caucus, was stopped by New Hope police earlier this week after a citizen complained that she was removing a Republican House member's campaign literature from doorsteps and replacing it with a DFL opponent's material.
The case has been referred to the Anoka County attorney's office for possible charges, officials said.

Ultimately, Kahn admitted her guilt in court and was convicted, though the wrist-slap sentence she received included a dismissal of her conviction if she didn’t reoffend within 12 months.  Thankfully, the rat hole the government created for disappearing Kahn’s election related criminal history did not mandate expunging of the Fraters Libertas record of what went down in 2004:

July 23:  Because If It Is Close and The Wrath of Kahn

September 24:  Call Her Miss Demeanor

October 28:  Endorsement Paralysis

Despite Kahn’s admission and conviction, she was returned to office just a few months later in a landslide. IN 2004, fully 59% of the voters in this district (then called 59B) consciously and deliberately voted for a person of this character and criminal disposition.  And they have continued to do so every two years since then.

But maybe not this year.  Over the past decade on the West bank, the demographics of the voting population has been radically altered, from leftover 60s radicals and fresh college hipster doofuses, to, well, Somali brothers, and sisters.  Phyllis Kahn, who received 94% of the vote in the general election as recently as 2002, could not even secure the endorsement by her party this year.

The lack of an endorsement was a victory for supporters of challenger Mohamud Noor, many of them Somali-Americans, who chanted and lifted Noor on their shoulders after the convention was adjourned. “I deeply respect Representative Kahn, but I think they have spoken that there’s a time for change,” Noor said. “And I think we are moving towards that change.”

Mass immigration has been characterized by some as a way for Democrat politicians to elect themselves a new people.  In District 60B, it looks like its mission accomplished, with unanticipated consequences.

With their steadfast support of Kahn, the old majority of voters on the West Bank showed themselves to be content with corrupt political activities.  Given this, all adherents of good government and fair play should be happy to see a change in who will be selecting the person for this important office going forward and embrace the new population of 60B.  We at Fraters Libertas welcome our Somali brother (brother in good government), Mohamud Noor.

Just one tip Mohamud, keep your eyes on your campaign flyers.