Monday, August 11, 2014

For Jeff Johnson

Tomorrow voters in Minnesota will trample trickle to the polls to vote in the DFL and GOP primaries. There are four candidates on the Republican side vying for the right to take on incumbent DFL Governor Mark Dayton. I will be casting my ballot for Jeff Johnson.

I first met Jeff some years ago back in my days as a member of the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Along with my NARN co-hosts, I had the opportunity to interview Jeff on a couple of occasions and always found him to be engaging, intelligent, and at times amusing. He also had an all too rare quality among politicians: he was real.

In 2010, I hoped that he would make a run for governor as I thought he would make an excellent candidate. He opted instead to run for attorney general and lost. Four years later, my support for Jeff remains as enthusiastic as it did then. He is the best candidate on the governor’s slate.

It’s not that I have anything against the other GOP contenders. I think they all would make far better governors that Mark Dayton and will support whomever emerges victorious after the votes are counted tomorrow.

But I firmly believe that Jeff Johnson provides the GOP with the best chance to beat Mark Dayton in November. He’s a good man with a good message and a good name. And don’t downplay that last factor when it comes to Minnesota elections. Vote for Jeff Johnson tomorrow.
The Nihilist adds: Once Jeff wins on the 12th, the real fight begins. Click here to donate to Jeff's campaign. Defeating Mark Dayton is the single most important thing Minnesotans can do this November. Your donation will help make victory possible.