Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hoping That It's Still The Best Hope

A thoroughly interesting NRO interview with Jim Geraghty contained this observation on his hopes as a father that I found particularly insightful:

Lopez: What is your hope for America as a father?

Geraghty: One of my most deep-rooted fears is that by trying to teach my boys right from wrong, I’m teaching them to be suckers. You try to teach your child the value of hard work, the value of honestly, the need to treat people with kindness and so on, and maybe the rest of the world isn’t teaching their kids the same things. A lot of parents aren’t even in the picture for their kids, and the lessons that are getting fed into their heads are more or less the opposite of what those kids need.

So my hope is that the boys grow up strong, smart, confident, and big-hearted, and that the country is in a good shape as they enter adulthood — secure, prosperous, full of opportunity, and considering how things are going lately, still having a Constitution and rule of law.

He is definitely not alone there and many of us share those wishes for our children and our country.