Friday, September 11, 2015

On Loss and Losers

Acknowledgement to MPR Classical for a full day of mourning and tribute songs in honor of 9/11.   Glorious.  None more so than this from the Henry V sound track, Non Nobis Domine.

Nothing mourns and consoles like Latin.  Although Donald Trump would probably call it "music for losers,"

And what a scene from Henry V in that video, from the 1989 version direct by the star, Kenneth Branagh.  In one continuous tracking shot (incorporating layers, with the foreground and background adding different details in different scale), depicting the entire story of the Battle of Agincourt, how it was fought, by whom (each primary character making an appearance), and the results of the battle.   Masterful.

Branagh did get Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Actor, but didn't win either.  Yep, he's a loser. Which may have facilitated his ability to appreciate this song.

Note, Oliver Stone beat him out for Best Director with Born on the Fourth of July (my tribute to which is here).

Daniel Day Lewis beat him out for Best Actor in My Left Foot.

MY SHOULDER TRUMP:  This guy Branagh?  He couldn't beat a guy who was acting with one foot.  You call him masterful?  Gimme a break.  I've seen better acting in foot powder commercials.