Sunday, December 11, 2016

HWX: The Rock and Roll Show

It’s a special episode dedicated to the election that divides the nation this November, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Fans are eligible to vote for inductees up to December 15.  We’re here to present all the critical information necessary to inform your decision.  

*  Qualifications -  Who gets in the RR HOF and why?  Also a review of potential Rock and Roll analytics.

*  Worst Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members – How did these people get in and why?   Finally, people saying what needs to be said about The Moonglows and the Sex Pistols.

* Current Hall of Fame nominees – We break down the most likely scenarios of who gets in and draft our 2017 classes.   Also, exclusive audio of some unfortunate new attack ads this controversial election has generated.    And don’t forget to express YOUR opinion on who will get in, via the poll listed below.

*  What were we drinking during the episode?  GraniteCity’s The Bennie Bock and Pabst Blue Ribbon

There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet. You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

HWX: Really Fake News

It’s another special episode of HWX, with Brian Ward and Paul Happe reconvening to bring you all the fake news that’s fit to broadcast. Topics addressed include:
* The Green Party sponsored recount of the 2016 election, including a principled debate on the propriety of accepting the results between Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton.
* The scourge of fake news, including the latest irresponsible Tweeter spreading falsehoods to millions of gullible partisans.
* The exclusive new vocal stylings of Julie Andrews and Kenny Loggins.
* What were we drinking during this episode? Maker’s 46 and Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale.
There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet. You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

HWX: Turkeys on Broadway

It’s a special Thanksgiving season broadcast of HWX, with Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas and Paul Happe, the Nihilist in Golfpants convening to give thanks for our many blessings. Topic discussions include:
* Holiday day time drinking suggestions, featuring the Brutal Mimosa and the Ramos Gin Fizz.
* Our personal histories of being subjected to on stage liberal polemics.
* Our responses to Ricochet members comments from the last HWX episode, including a special statement to our critics.
* Exclusive excerpts of the musical Hamilton. Just what is the fuss all about? We’ll find out, with the musical’s thrilling depictions of the debate over the National Bank and the feud that led to the duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr.
* Exclusive preview of next season’s Broadway smash, Trump! The Musical!

There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet.  You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Been There, Got Through That

Excerpt from And the Fair Land a WSJ editorial that has appeared annually on the day before Thanksgiving since 1961.

But we can all remind ourselves that the richness of this country was not born in the resources of the earth, though they be plentiful, but in the men that took its measure. For that reminder is everywhere—in the cities, towns, farms, roads, factories, homes, hospitals, schools that spread everywhere over that wilderness.

We can remind ourselves that for all our social discord we yet remain the longest enduring society of free men governing themselves without benefit of kings or dictators. Being so, we are the marvel and the mystery of the world, for that enduring liberty is no less a blessing than the abundance of the earth.

And we might remind ourselves also, that if those men setting out from Delftshaven had been daunted by the troubles they saw around them, then we could not this autumn be thankful for a fair land.

Timely as always.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

2020 Vision

Making news this week is Keith Ellison’s bid to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Fresh off of their party’s latest electoral route, many Democrats are asking how they can reconnect with the priorities of the average, middle class American voter located in the wide open spaces outside the urban cores.

The answer? Keith Ellison, a man who’s spent his entire career in a one-party urban core district where his election is guaranteed and he doesn’t have worry about connecting to anyone outside the most extreme of his own side.

The Democratic party has a fever, and the only prescription is more liberalism.

Doubling down in the face of a bad trend is the wager of a true believer. It’s the same bet that the British Labor party has placed, after unexpected losses in 2015, by choosing Jeremy Corbyn to lead them. And it’s the bet the Democrats almost placed already by flirting with a Bernie Sanders nomination.

I suppose it could work. If it does work for Ellison, with say, big gains in the House and Senate in 2018 (or with continued losses and a quadrupling down by Democrats on liberalism), perhaps DNC chairman isn’t his last stop? In 2020, the Democrats will be looking for someone to rebuild the Obama coalition? Why not Keith Ellison?

If that does happen, you can say you hear it here first. But not in this vintage 2016 blogpost. Instead, it was 7 years ago in this space, an Ellison candidacy in 2020 was foretold. In fact, up until now, it was the only blog post residing under the label 2020 Election.

From the March 18, 2009 post, Ready for Some Real Change?, a an interview Ellison for a Voice of America (Urdu) documentary series, Muslims' America:


VOA: Is there any possibility that I might be talking to the future first Muslim-American President of the United States, keeping in view that 2020 is not that far away
ELLISON: Only God knows that. But let me just say this, I love the job I'm doing and I believe that my goal is to be the best representative of the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota I can possibly be. And that's all I'm worried about right now.
VOA: And that means that you might run? 
ELLISON: It means that I'm not making any plans to run. I'm just trying to keep my eye on the ball. Like, do they play cricket there in Pakistan? 
VOA: They love cricket. 
ELLISON: Well, see, if you're going to try and hit that ball with the bat, you've got to watch that ball, right? You don't want to look past the ball, you want to look at the ball, right? So I'm just keeping my eye on the ball. 
VOA: I'll take that as a 'yes'.  
ELLISON: (laughter) 

Speaking of laughter, Ellison might not be the only Minnesotan hitting the campaign trail in 2020. According to The Hill, the top 10 potential Democratic candidates for President include:

 Amy Klobuchar 
One of Clinton’s more vocal congressional supporters, the Minnesota senator’s name is a regular in future presidential speculation too. Like President Obama, she’s a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and has spearheaded work to curb sexual assault in the military along with Gillibrand and others. She’s very popular in her home state and has a background in law enforcement as a county prosecutor. Along with Gillibrand and Warren, Klobuchar, 56, is part of the group of women who could attempt to succeed where Clinton fell short in breaking the presidency’s glass ceiling.
Al Franken
A less common pick, the former Saturday Night Live cast member could be an interesting foil to the reality show superstar turned President Elect. Franken, 65, has sought to ditch the “funny man” reputation since he arrived in the Senate, but has started to open up a bit more recently as he stumped for Clinton and bashed Trump. Some are buying into the early speculation, with the “Draft Al Franken 2020” super-PAC registered on Wednesday. 

Then after one of these three are elected, maybe we Minnesotans can finally focus on getting the Vikings to win a Super Bowl.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

HWX: Election Audio Bits Special

The grueling death march of this election season comes to an end today.  It’s time to look forward to the new day tomorrow, and the grueling death march of the next President’s administration.

But before that, it’s time to look backward, at some of our favorite moments from this campaign.  We proudly present, The HWX 2016 election audio bits collection:

Outside Looking In

This is the second straight presidential election in which I will be following the results from outside the country (and the morning after rather than the night of). It’s a bit of strange experience to be on the outside looking in. Based on conversations with taxi drivers and coworkers over the last few days the whole world will be watching too.

So what will we see?

Skipping right to the big event this is how I think the electoral college will look like once the dust has settled.

Click the map to create your own at

With the possible exception of Utah, it’s not much different from what most polls and pundits are predicting. While the race has had more than its share of ups and downs for both candidates the underlying Democratic advantage in the electoral college should be enough to propel Hillary to the promised land.

The one caveat is that if there is ever a year where the loser’s lament that the “polls are all wrong” could indeed prove to be correct it’s 2016. We all have learned by now that this year anything is possible (even though still not probable).

In the Senate, the GOP will narrowly maintain control. They will lose seats in the House, but still retain their majority.

Finally, every candidate I voted for in my senate district, house district, school board, and judicial races will lose. That’s a lock in any year no matter how unpredictable it might otherwise be.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Rand Paul Endorses Jason Lewis

For all the disillusioned voters lamenting the absence of any acceptable candidates to vote for tomorrow, we present to you an interview with a guy who could have been a major party nominee, Sen. Rand Paul.

This is the isolated interview, from his appearance on HWX last month.  Sen. Paul discusses what happened in the Republican primaries and emphasizes that much good can still be done by voting now.  First and foremost, in Minnesota CD-2, that would be voting for Jason Lewis. for whom Rand Paul give his enthusiastic endorsement.


Someone (Anyone) Else

This is by my reckoning the worst presidential election in US history. And it features the two worst presidential candidates ever.

One is a corrupt, soulless creature with not a bone of authenticity in her body. The other is a venal, arrogant lout with the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old boy. Both are pathological liars who have so little affinity for the truth that they no longer even attempt to disguise their mendaciousness.

Neither has any real core convictions or political principles other than the advancement of their own personal interests. Despite what they say on the campaign trail, neither really cares about the good of the country or about the lives, liberty, and happiness of their fellow Americans. They don’t pursue the presidency to serve the people, but to wield the power.

Neither candidates deserves to president and neither has earned your vote. So vote for someone else.

Vote for Evan McMullin. Vote for Gary Johnson. Vote for Jill Stein. Vote for that pot legalization guy (no, not Gary Johnson the other pot guy). Hell, write in SMOD if you are so inclined. Just vote for someone other than either of the clowns the two parties have given us.

Sadly, one of them will be our next president. While we have to accept that reality, we don’t have to like it. Or endorse it.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

HWX: Election Frauds

It’s a special pre-election edition of HWX, with Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas and Paul Happe, the Nihilist in Golf Pants.   Issues discussed include:

*  A review of this past week’s focus on Ricochet from NPR’s “This American Life”.  Also, the return of This Week in Gate Keeping featuring, coincidentally, NPR and This American Life and their observations of James Lileks’s voting preferences. 

*  A (quick) analysis of Evan McMullin’s chances of eking this one out.   Plus exclusive audio of the new Evan McMullin-Mindy Finn campaign ad soon to be blanketing the airwaves.

*  “In the Bubble” with Marc Maron.  On a recent episode of his WTF podcast he gave his opinion of those who might be considering voting for Donald Trump.  We straighten him out on exactly why perfectly rational and sophisticated voters would do just that.

There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet.  You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, November 03, 2016

On the Outs

Thomas Frank nails one of the mostly underappreciated aspects of the Podesta e-mails that have been released in a piece that appeared on October 31st called Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run:

This genre of Podesta email, in which people try to arrange jobs for themselves or their kids, points us toward the most fundamental thing we know about the people at the top of this class: their loyalty to one another and the way it overrides everything else. Of course Hillary Clinton staffed her state department with investment bankers and then did speaking engagements for investment banks as soon as she was done at the state department. Of course she appears to think that any kind of bank reform should “come from the industry itself”. And of course no elite bankers were ever prosecuted by the Obama administration. Read these emails and you understand, with a start, that the people at the top tier of American life all know each other. They are all engaged in promoting one another’s careers, constantly.

Everything blurs into everything else in this world. The state department, the banks, Silicon Valley, the nonprofits, the “Global CEO Advisory Firm” that appears to have solicited donations for the Clinton Foundation. Executives here go from foundation to government to thinktank to startup. There are honors. Venture capital. Foundation grants. Endowed chairs. Advanced degrees. For them the door revolves. The friends all succeed. They break every boundary.

But the One Big Boundary remains. Yes, it’s all supposed to be a meritocracy. But if you aren’t part of this happy, prosperous in-group – if you don’t have John Podesta’s email address – you’re out.

This is not a partisan matter. Frank is a progressive populist and the author of "What's the Matter With Kansas?" and more recently "Listen, Liberal." He's coming at this from the left, but many on the right share the same sentiments which explains, at least in part, the rise of Donald Trump.

There is a belief that whatever political positions the people in this top tier hold are less important than their shared aspirations for their careers and the careers of their children. And the Podesta e-mails provide plenty of validation for that belief.

Much was made of Colin Powell's e-mails and the comments he made about both Hillary and Trump, especially the note about Bill still "dicking bimbos at home." However, there other Powell e-mails which reveal much about how what these folks really care about:

Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris. I told you about the gig I lost at a University because she so overcharged them they came under heat and couldn't any fees for awhile. I should send her a bill.

So yeah, Hillary screws stuff up and that's bad for the country and all, but what really pissed me off is when she messed with my lucrative speaking racket.

Another golden Powell nugget:

I told her staff three times not to try that gambit. I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampston's party to get their attention.

Again you get the picture of the new power elite hobnobbing in the Hampton's and trying to advance each other's interests. Finally, Powell was so outraged that he had to risk breaking social decorum with his "mini tantrum" (which I'm sure he promptly apologized for afterward). A true man of the people and noble public servant he.

Yet another interesting connection in the Powell e-mails is that he serves on the corporate board for Salesforce and among the e-mails released were ones detailing the company's highly confidential acquisition plans. Being part of such boards is another way that those at the top take care of each other and provide an opportunity to wet their beaks in yet another revenue stream. It's another one of those nice gigs if you can get it that often isn't based on what you know, but who.

I do find it a bit ironic that Trump is now viewed as the answer to trying to break this cross promoting nexus between government officials, business leaders, and other power brokers as he was as deeply ingrained as anyone.

But many Americans apparently feel you need someone from the inside to change things for those on the outside. I don't think it matters who wins next week. These connections are far too powerful to give sway easily and Trump will find it much easier to make accommodation than make real change. And we already know that Hillary will continue with business as usual with her circle of influence. The rest of us will remain on the outside looking in.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Meet Power Line, “Enough Said” Style

Scott Johnson at Power Line continues his lonely quest to hold power accountable with his latest stories on Ilhan Omar.  She’s about to be elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives, she’s been credibly accused of engaging in improprieties, and no one in the establishment media seems very interested in following it to a definitive conclusion. 

To be fair, it hasn’t been a complete blackout.  The KMSP-TV program “Enough Said” addressed it a couple of weeks ago.  This show features sports broadcasting personalities Dan Barreiro and Justin Gaard leaving their typical area of expertise to comment on politics and public affairs.  Here’s a snippet of what they had to say about the Ilhan Omar case:

I think there was more than enough said on that topic.

To repeat, the Omar campaign’s reaction to allegations seemed suspiciously defensive.   But a lot of that was due to the nature of the those doing the alleging, who was, to quote Gaard:

… the original blogger or website that started to ask questions, very right wing, very explosive (Power Line, Power Line blog), possibly racist from time to time.

So, this whole thing is really Power Line’s fault. 

Given that their racism is alleged to be only sporadic, the boys at Power Line may find this characterization to be refreshing, compared to how liberals typically view them.  Of course, anyone who is actually familiar with the work of Scott Johnson and the other Power Line contributors know them to be paragons of integrity.  The racism allegation is exceeded in absurdity only by calling the typically academic and wry tone at Power Line “very explosive”. 

The theme of associating racism with those asking questions of this soon-to-be state legislator is continued by Barreiro later in this segment (full video here):

That’s not the same thing as saying every person who comes here from Somalia should go back.  The sad reality is, that’s where some people take this.

Now that would be very explosive and possibly racist, from time to time.  Are they alleging Power Line said that?  If not, then who?  Is there a single documented example of this “reality” coming from anyone?  Apparently “Enough Said” feels the racism generalization alone is sufficient, because they didn’t provide any.

This episode gives some insight into the reason why Scott Johnson’s efforts on this issue have been so lonely.  Because of political correctness, credible allegations of an aspiring public official’s misconduct cannot even be discussed without those doing the questioning being accused of racism.  Enough said, indeed.

More disturbing, now that I see the level of accuracy and insight provided on this story, how am I supposed to trust Barreiro and Gaard’s analysis of the performance of the Vikings’ secondary or the Timberwolves new defensive package?

Monday, October 31, 2016

HWX: Bubble Boys

HWX returns with Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas and Paul Happe, the Nihilst in Golf Pants discussing the critical issues of the week:
* The new “Schoolyard” PSA about the importance of voting and some underappreciated aspects of this searing indictment on voter apathy. Also a broader discussion of the alleged sanctity of the franchise.
* The new feature “In the Bubble” featuring Ira Glass of This American Life and Jake Tapper of CNN. They put on the mantle of fact checkers and truth tellers regarding the ignorance of Donald Trump and his birther related speech earlier this month. We fact check the fact checkers and speak truth to the truth tellers and end up covered in soapy residue.
* What were they drinking this episode? A Deschutes Inversion IPA and a Summit Great Northern Porter.
There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet.  You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

State Election Law Resembles The Jerk

The Center of the American Experiment reports on a lawsuit in Minnesota by state election judges alleging that Secretary of State guidelines for the treatment of nominally ineligible voters are illegal.

State law establishes a detailed procedure to match felons, people under guardianship and noncitizens against the list of people who have registered to vote in the statewide voter registration system. In the case of a match, county auditors are required to change the voter status of any registered voters who are determined to be felons, under guardianship or noncitizens. 
But according to instructions from the Secretary of State, election officials must allow felons, people under guardianship and noncitizens who are identified as such on the poll roster to vote anyway, so long as they take an oath claiming they are eligible to vote. 
Joe Mansky, a highly influential election official from Ramsey County, has affirmed the legal obligations and penalties for failing to provide ballots to felons, people under guardianship and noncitizens who take an oath. 
“Election judges in Minnesota are legally required to allow a challenged voter to vote if they answer questions under oath that indicate they are eligible to vote,” Mansky said in recent court documents.

I suppose the trust being showed by our government for the citizens' opinion is admirable.  But is there any other area of the law where this standard applies?

How about taxes?

MN Dept. of Revenue:  It says here you owe $20,000 in state income tax.
John Q. Public:   No I don’t.
State Official:  OK, you got me there, enjoy the rest of your day.

How about the search for fugitive criminals?

Storm Trooper:   Let me see your identification.
Obi Wan Kenobi:   These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
Storm Trooper:   These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.

Actually in Minnesota you don’t need to be skilled in the Jedi Mind Trick to get your way, they’ll take anybody’s word for it.   So the law appears to be based more on another 70’s movie classic, The Jerk.

In all seriousness, although this law is misguided, the potential for it to be a cause of a significant level of voter fraud is small.  The process would have to play out as follows.  Someone registers to vote legally.  At some point, they become ineligible (felony conviction, become subject to a guardianship due to some level of disability, voter found to be non-citizen via other means), and the state knows about it and changes the roster to reflect it.   That person shows up at the same precinct in which they were originally registered to vote.  They are informed that they are ineligible. They dispute it and insist they be allowed to vote anyway.  At that point an election judge would administer an oath (in front of election judges from both parties) that the voter would swear to, and be informed that knowingly violating this oath is a felony.

Is it possible for ineligible voters to vote in these circumstances?  Yes, certainly.

Is it likely to occur?  The likelihood of a pre-identified illegible voter pushing the issue in such a public way is small.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this failed to happen a single time in the course of an election in the entire state.   And, barring some absurdly close race, it certainly wouldn’t occur to the extent that it could affect the outcome of an election.

Is it likely to be abused in a systematic, coordinated fashion?   Assuming the conscientious performance of election judges, including the presence of bi-partisan judges at all precincts, absolutely not.  It would be too public and leave too much of a witness trail to be sustained.  

So this particular lax standard and loophole probably isn’t something that needs a lot of attention.   Another lax standard and loophole is a far greater risk for the participation of ineligible voters.  That would be them moving from the precinct where the state has them originally registered to vote, and voting at the new location.  They wouldn’t be on the roster at this other location and no pre-existing challenge would exist.  As long as they met the registration requirements at their new location, they could vote without any questions asked.  The loophole of same day registration, and no same day crosschecking of ineligible voters in a database beyond the precinct register, would allow it.

If you’re getting the sense that the entire system is set up to err on the side of letting ineligible voters vote, rather than erring on the side of mistakenly preventing a legal voter from voting, you are correct.   I believe that to be a clear reflection of the state’s liberal political culture.  Social science has established that liberals prize notions of fairness and compassion over the more conservative preferences of reciprocity and respect for authority/tradition.   Until that culture gets changed, short of clear evidence of coordinated fraud, I do not expect the voting laws to change.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

HWX, Halloween Spooktacular

It's a special Halloween episode of HWX with Brian Ward and Paul Happe.  Featured in this episode are discussions of the horrors of the election season:

* The email leaks of Hillary and John Podesta.  Which is your favorite ignored scandal?

*  World premiere of the new spin on the holiday classic, the Monster Mash, with The Clinton Cash.

*  Analysis of and lessons learned from James O'Keefe's new video releases.

*  HWX House of Horrors, a tour of the haunted mansion that is the 2016 Presidential election.

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There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet.  You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Free Dennis Prager

Apparently YouTube is trying to spare tender minds from the trauma of encountering "adult content" that would not be appropriate for them to view. And for some reason this includes videos produced by Dennis Prager as part of "Prager University."

YouTube currently lists 21 PragerU videos--over 10% of our entire collection--under "restricted mode." Many families enable restricted mode in order to keep inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content away from their children--not to prevent them from watching animated, age-appropriate, educational videos.

Lest you think that the folks at Prager University are overreacting to having a number of their videos restricted by YouTube consider the titles that have been deemed to be unsafe for youngins to watch.

Are The Police Racist?

Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?

Why Did America Fight the Korean War?

Who's More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?

What ISIS Wants

Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?

Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?

Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do

Did Bush Lie About Iraq?

Who NOT to Vote For

Men and the Power of the Visual

Is America Racist?

Israel: The World's Most Moral Army

Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology

The Most Important Question About Abortion

Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

Don't Judge Blacks Differently

What is the University Diversity Scam?

He Wants You

Israel's Legal Founding

Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?

With the possible exception of "He Wants You" these are not exactly titles that one would associate with adult content. Anyone who has spent anytime on YouTube can also tell you that you can easily find plenty of videos with far more objectionable, not safe for children (or even work) content that are not restricted in any way. They just don't happen to be espousing conservative views. Funny how it works that way.

Please visit this site to sign a petition to Stop YouTube From Blocking PragerU Videos. There are lots of things in this fallen world that parents need to protect their children from. Dennis Prager is not one of them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HWX: Cat Scratch Fever

HWX returns with a special, breaking news episode to analyze the history changing nature of Donald Trump’s 11-year-old interview with Access Hollywood.
Also addressed are the gales of hot air emanating from Hurricane Matthew and Shepard Smith.
The latest in attack political ads, digging up Sen. Ron Johnson shadowy past as as a mall stereo salesman and pizza parlor lothario. 
 And the presidential candidate rock continues with Campaign Gold 3.

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There are many ways to hear the podcast, including over on the mother ship at Ricochet.  You can be sure to never miss an episode by subscribing via iTunes.  Or you can just use the player embedded in the upper right hand corner of this website.  Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

HWX, with Sen. Rand Paul

It’s a very special episode of HWX featuring an interview with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). The Senator looks back on his Presidential campaign and analyzes why the libertarian message may not have resonated as well as it could have this cycle and why Donald Trump prevailed. He also looks ahead and discusses why there is still substantial life in the libertarian movement, which will be aided by winning campaigns such as his own for US Senate, and that of Jason Lewis, running for Congress in Minnesota. Sen. Paul also discusses his continuing efforts to audit the Federal Reserve, what that would mean and why it’s important.
See the following links to support Rand Paul and Jason Lewis.
Also discussed the episode – dumb political ads of the season, including classic out of context clips and grossly misleading smear tactics. Are Americans smart and sophisticated enough to not be fooled by these tactics this time? We shall see.
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Monday, September 26, 2016

HWX: Hillary Freshly Roasted

It’s a special pre-Presidential debate episode of HWX with Brian Ward and Paul Happe. They set the stage with some in-depth analysis of Hillary’s vital signs and Trump’s surging poll numbers. Also coverage of Hillary’s latest attempt to humanize herself, and we have exclusive audio, of Comedy Central’s upcoming Roast of Hillary Clinton.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Give Us Your Hungry

Sad news out of St. Paul, with the closing of a Grand Avenue treasure:

After almost 28 years in business, Barbary Fig on Grand Avenue is closing for good after its final service on Monday.

Combine this with the recent closing of the Big 10 Restaurant on University Avenue and my biographical bar hopping tour has gotten a significantly shorter.

Owner Brahim Hadj-Moussa, 61, said it’s just time for him to get out.
Hadj, who speaks three languages, is from “Algeria via France.” His family lived in both countries.

In this era of immigration controversy, it’s good to be reminded of a success story.   At least it was a success for the host country.  Mr Hadj on the other hand …

Hadj said the scratch cooking part of owning the Mediterranean restaurant was his favorite, but “that’s only 10 percent of owning a restaurant. The other 90 percent is managing the people and the building. That 90 percent sucks, sometimes royally. I want to live a little. I haven’t done anything but go to work, come home from work, think about work and go back to work for all these years.”

Ah, the American dream.

I think it’s only fair to provide full disclosure for all of our new immigrants going forward and  I suggest we add a little something that inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Just be prepared go to work, come home from work, think about work and go back to work. Sometimes it sucks, royally.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Dialog from the Seinfeld Episode The Doodle:

Kramer: Well it's a story about love, deception, greed, lust and...unbridled enthusiasm.

Elaine: Unbridled enthusiasm...?

Kramer: Well , that's what led to Billy Mumphrey's downfall.

Elaine: Oh! boy.

Kramer: You see Elaine, Billy was a simple country boy. You might say a cockeyed optimist, who got himself mixed up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue.

Quotes from one of Colin Powell’s recently exposed e-mails:

'I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect. A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still di**ing bimbos at home (according to the NYP),'

Deception? Greed? Lust? Unbridled? Downfall? A simple country boy named Billy? The high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue?

C'mon, that's almost too perfect. If only there was a Seinfeld episode that mentioned dicking bimbos...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HWX: Convention Breakdown

Did you miss HWX on TCNT last weekend?   For shame!   It was a legendary broadcast.   But fear not, it’s now available in podcast format.

* The effectiveness of unconventional speakers at the GOP convention, including Scott Baio, Fran Tarkenton, Don King, and the Trump children

*  Melania Trump’s speech – amid the plagiarism controversy, was it truly understood?  We provide exclusive audio analysis.

*  A preview of the Democrat National Convention, including exclusive audio of the difficult planning associated with seating so many special interest groups and a preview of Mrs. Clinton’s acceptance speech.

*  An analysis of another metric on which Trump and Hillary are breaking new records – their advanced ages. 

*  The new album release from HWX productions Campaign Gold 2: The Duets, with a new contribution from the presidential candidate spouses.

* The legendary Jason Lewis joins us, to discuss his legacy as a mentor to a generation of Minnesota conservatives and his current race for Congress in CD-2.  

*  Further review of Hillary Clinton’s private emails.   Not so much those compromising national security, but those compromising the standard of reasonable good taste in sucking up to the boss.  We provide a review of the most egregious brown nosing from her subordinates as found in the Wikileaks trove of Hillary emails.  

Also a special truncated summary the show now available on Ricochet.

HWX is brought to you by The Great Courses Plus, which gives you unlimited access to over 7,000 fascinating video lectures from your TV, laptop, tablet and even your smartphone.   Everything from history, business, political philosophy, or even how to cook, play chess, or speak Spanish, delivered by world-renowned scholars.  Sign up now at and you’ll immediately get One Month Free to start watching as many lectures as you want.  

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Really Effective Advertising

Watching the full video of Hillary Clinton’s announcement of Tim Kaine as her running mate on YouTube.   Do the pop-up ads say more about her or me?

All I know is that after watching the entire video, I really do feel the need to stock up on underwear, heart attack medicine, and diapers.