Thursday, January 07, 2016

Media Alert: HWX on KYRC

HWX goes terrestrial again this Saturday, with Paul Happe and I filling in for King Banaian on his award winning radio program.  King is off on assignment, probably shepherding another totalitarian, socialist economic basket case into the bright new day of economic and political freedom (and he may not even have to leave that country for that one), and we'll attempting to fill his fine Armenian calfskin leather professorial loafers.

We'll include a number of our favorite HWX bits from the past few month.  And of course we'll delve into some hard core, advanced economics talk.  The preparation for which will resemble Homer Simpson's plan to engeage in advanced marketing.

Nevertheless, check us out this Saturday, January 9, from 9-11AM on KYRC-AM, 1440 AM, or streaming on the Internet here.   Don't you dare miss it.