Saturday, January 09, 2016

No Place Like The Road

My last minute, better late than never pigskin prognostications for the NFL wild card playoffs.

Kansas City at Houston

This is the only game where I feel pretty confident about picking a winner. Houston plays in a lousy division and Kansas City rides a long winning streak into the playoffs. The KC offense is not spectacular, but they’ll do enough and their defense will stifle whatever former Browns quarterback the Texans start. Kansas City 20 Houston 10

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

A team with playoff pedigree to spare against one that hasn’t won a playoff game since George H.W. Bush was president (to put that into perspective the Lions and Browns have more recent playoff victories than the Bengals). The Steelers offense can be explosive, but they are not a great team and their defense is vulnerable. The Bengals have better talent and even without Andy Dalton they should win the game. Should doesn’t mean will however and given their history I can’t just buy into the Bengals. Pittsburgh 29 Cincinnati 27

Seattle at Minnesota

For some reason that I can’t entirely explain, I’m feeling reasonable optimistic about the Vikings chances. I have little or no confidence in the Vikings offense. However, the Vikings defense will keep things close and I have confidence that Zimmer will not let his team get done the same way they did the last time they faced Seattle. The experienced Seahawks will make one or two more plays than the Vikings and come out of the cold with a narrow win. Seattle 20 Vikings 16

Green Bay at Washington

So far I’ve picked all road teams. And halfway through the season, a match-up featuring Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins would definitely favor the road squad. But these Packers aren’t the Packers that we’re been used to seeing the last few years. They’ve lost their mojo and their confidence. The Redskins aren’t a good team, but they are a team that’s been able to put together enough chemistry to win the motley NFC East and close the season relatively strong. Someone’s got to win so why not the home team? Washington 26 Green bay 23