Friday, April 01, 2016

The Fairest of Them All

Now more than ever, as youngins feel the Bern without appreciating the firestorm of economic devastation wrought by socialism, it seems like an opportune time to remind folks of the benefits of free enterprise and its superiority to any other alternative yet devised.

This course from Prager University-taught by the always engaging Arthur Brooks-and called "Myths, Lies and Capitalism" does exactly that in a pithy summary that chalks in at less than five minutes:

True or false: Free enterprise is unfair, it hurts the poor, it’s driven by greed, breeds envy, and caused the Great Depression.

Many people would answer “true” to every claim. In this PragerU replay, economist and author Arthur Brooks shows why these five claims are false. Free enterprise helps the poor, lack of free enterprise caused the Depression, and greed and envy have no place in a free market, which is the fairest of all economic systems.