Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HWX on King Banaian

King Banaian was on a rare and well-deserved break last week from the King Banaian Radio show, and the HWX podcast its best to fill his tassled Armenian leather loafers.

Topics addressed include:

*  The Minnesota legislature's plan for the tax collection surplus - are you included in the "wide swath" of citizens designated as worthy of a refund?

*  Chelsea Clinton's husband tanks a hedge fund and Bernie Sanders' wife bankrupts a college.  Isn't it time we helped the economy by getting these people out of the private sector and back into government?  We discuss the real wages of privilege.

*  The bathroom wars continue, with a discussion of Target's recent stock performance, and a reprise of the Brownsville Stations's new version of Smokin' in the Boys room.

*  Obama speech writers laughing it up over their false promises made to the American people in years past.  We analyze the audio of old Obama speeches to see if there were any subtle clues.

Check it all out here:

Hour 1

Hour 2

And remember, King Banaian returns to live broadcasting this Saturday, at 9AM, on 1440 AM and twincitiesbusinessradio.com.  Don't you dare miss it.