Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HWX: Convention Breakdown

Did you miss HWX on TCNT last weekend?   For shame!   It was a legendary broadcast.   But fear not, it’s now available in podcast format.

* The effectiveness of unconventional speakers at the GOP convention, including Scott Baio, Fran Tarkenton, Don King, and the Trump children

*  Melania Trump’s speech – amid the plagiarism controversy, was it truly understood?  We provide exclusive audio analysis.

*  A preview of the Democrat National Convention, including exclusive audio of the difficult planning associated with seating so many special interest groups and a preview of Mrs. Clinton’s acceptance speech.

*  An analysis of another metric on which Trump and Hillary are breaking new records – their advanced ages. 

*  The new album release from HWX productions Campaign Gold 2: The Duets, with a new contribution from the presidential candidate spouses.

* The legendary Jason Lewis joins us, to discuss his legacy as a mentor to a generation of Minnesota conservatives and his current race for Congress in CD-2.  

*  Further review of Hillary Clinton’s private emails.   Not so much those compromising national security, but those compromising the standard of reasonable good taste in sucking up to the boss.  We provide a review of the most egregious brown nosing from her subordinates as found in the Wikileaks trove of Hillary emails.  

Also a special truncated summary the show now available on Ricochet.

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Hope you enjoy!