Saturday, July 02, 2016

Media Alert: HWX on TCNT

No, that title is not an excerpt from an eye chart.  It’s the media happening of the midsummer.   The HWX podcast LIVE on the radio today, from 3pm- 5pm (central) on Twin Cities News Talk (1130 AM, locally) and streaming here on I Heart Radio.

This special episode is dedicated to radio legends and topics addressed are scheduled to include:

*  A tribute to Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion.  His final show of all time is scheduled for 5pm today and we give the old bard of the prairie the appropriate send off.  Included is some exclusive sneak preview audio from the last show itself.  Hear it first on HWX!

* Interview with Bob Mehr, author of Trouble Boys, The True Story of the Replacements. Bob is the music critic for the Memphis Commercial Appeal and brings an insider’s perspective to the ridiculous and sublime history of one of Minneapolis’s great bands, The Replacements.  If you’re interested in rock history, Minneapolis history, or the roller coaster ride of great artistic endeavor, you’ll want to  listen in.

* Interview with John Hinderaker of Power Line and President of the Center of the American Experiment.  We’ll catch up with this radio legend, and our old broadcast partner.  In particular we’ll discuss the exciting new initiatives a CAE, including the upcoming release of a study being hailed as the most comprehensive study of Minnesota’s economy in contemporary times.   Also, a report and law suit alleging rampant voter fraud in Minnesota.

It all happens TODAY, Saturday July 2, at 3-5pm (central), on Twin Cities News Talk, locally at 1130 on the AM dial, and streaming worldwide here at I Heart Radio.  Don’t you dare miss it!