Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Meet Power Line, “Enough Said” Style

Scott Johnson at Power Line continues his lonely quest to hold power accountable with his latest stories on Ilhan Omar.  She’s about to be elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives, she’s been credibly accused of engaging in improprieties, and no one in the establishment media seems very interested in following it to a definitive conclusion. 

To be fair, it hasn’t been a complete blackout.  The KMSP-TV program “Enough Said” addressed it a couple of weeks ago.  This show features sports broadcasting personalities Dan Barreiro and Justin Gaard leaving their typical area of expertise to comment on politics and public affairs.  Here’s a snippet of what they had to say about the Ilhan Omar case:

I think there was more than enough said on that topic.

To repeat, the Omar campaign’s reaction to allegations seemed suspiciously defensive.   But a lot of that was due to the nature of the those doing the alleging, who was, to quote Gaard:

… the original blogger or website that started to ask questions, very right wing, very explosive (Power Line, Power Line blog), possibly racist from time to time.

So, this whole thing is really Power Line’s fault. 

Given that their racism is alleged to be only sporadic, the boys at Power Line may find this characterization to be refreshing, compared to how liberals typically view them.  Of course, anyone who is actually familiar with the work of Scott Johnson and the other Power Line contributors know them to be paragons of integrity.  The racism allegation is exceeded in absurdity only by calling the typically academic and wry tone at Power Line “very explosive”. 

The theme of associating racism with those asking questions of this soon-to-be state legislator is continued by Barreiro later in this segment (full video here):

That’s not the same thing as saying every person who comes here from Somalia should go back.  The sad reality is, that’s where some people take this.

Now that would be very explosive and possibly racist, from time to time.  Are they alleging Power Line said that?  If not, then who?  Is there a single documented example of this “reality” coming from anyone?  Apparently “Enough Said” feels the racism generalization alone is sufficient, because they didn’t provide any.

This episode gives some insight into the reason why Scott Johnson’s efforts on this issue have been so lonely.  Because of political correctness, credible allegations of an aspiring public official’s misconduct cannot even be discussed without those doing the questioning being accused of racism.  Enough said, indeed.

More disturbing, now that I see the level of accuracy and insight provided on this story, how am I supposed to trust Barreiro and Gaard’s analysis of the performance of the Vikings’ secondary or the Timberwolves new defensive package?