Monday, November 07, 2016

Someone (Anyone) Else

This is by my reckoning the worst presidential election in US history. And it features the two worst presidential candidates ever.

One is a corrupt, soulless creature with not a bone of authenticity in her body. The other is a venal, arrogant lout with the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old boy. Both are pathological liars who have so little affinity for the truth that they no longer even attempt to disguise their mendaciousness.

Neither has any real core convictions or political principles other than the advancement of their own personal interests. Despite what they say on the campaign trail, neither really cares about the good of the country or about the lives, liberty, and happiness of their fellow Americans. They don’t pursue the presidency to serve the people, but to wield the power.

Neither candidates deserves to president and neither has earned your vote. So vote for someone else.

Vote for Evan McMullin. Vote for Gary Johnson. Vote for Jill Stein. Vote for that pot legalization guy (no, not Gary Johnson the other pot guy). Hell, write in SMOD if you are so inclined. Just vote for someone other than either of the clowns the two parties have given us.

Sadly, one of them will be our next president. While we have to accept that reality, we don’t have to like it. Or endorse it.